Tewa Training Centre is celebrating a decade of service in empowering women through provision of high quality education.

This week, we celebrate Tewa Training Centre. Tewa is a Hospitality institute based in Kilifi county that was inaugurated on 2nd February, 2010 by Kianda Foundation. Tewa is a fully recognized Technical Institute registered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. Kilifi is a county at the coast of Kenya, 40km from Mombasa Town and is one of the poorest counties in Kenya. 65% of the people in Kilifi are food insecure and 43% live in extreme poverty. This means that the living standards for families in Kilifi is very low as they lack financial means to support themselves. Despite the reliance on agriculture as the main source of livelihood, malnutrition is rampant as a consequence of poor agricultural methods of production, coupled with lack of technical skills and an over dependence on rain. These factors translate to a very low yield from agriculture. These challenges disadvantage girls overwhelmingly who end up having to leave school to be married off, some as early as 12 years old in order for their families to receive some income through dowry from the marriage.

Considering these high stakes in Kuruwitu, Kilifi county, Tewa Hospitality Centre was set up to provide the communities around the centre with onsite vocational training in modern quality premises, focusing on Hospitality. The centre also conducts outreach programs in surrounding communities, training women in hygiene, health, agriculture, adult literacy programs as well as supporting the women in small income generating initiatives. The villages of Vipingo and Shariani have especially benefited from the outreach programs run by Tewa and in the years 2018/2019 a group of volunteers from Kenya and Spain backed by Harambee Spain supported the outreach program by providing 26 electrical sewing machines, training the women how to use them. From this training, the women were able to generate income from their work by providing the volunteers 60 of the aprons they made to sell back home in Spain. Additionally the girls and women who receive training at Tewa Centre have the chance to get employment opportunities and increase income for their families. Most of the girls and women addmitted to Tewa cannot afford the full fees for the programs offered. Fees at Tewa centre is subsidized by Kianda Foundation through its various initiatives and fundraising events as well as from institutions that give bursaries like Rahmtulla Trust and well-wishers.

The story of Tewa is one of a vision of hope. Empowering women through high quality education.