The Kibondeni Family had been eagerly awaiting the 2019 Graduation Day which took place on 11th January. On that beautiful Friday morning, the atmosphere in the graduation square was filled with joy and admiration as parents and guests of the graduating class assembled. The graduates themselves looked smart and happy, having completed their Courses.
From the total of 141 graduates, 21 received Diplomas, 40 Crafts Certificates and 80 received Kibondeni Certificates in Cookery and Housekeeping.
The Dean of students, Mrs Josephine Njuguna, welcomed the assembly and told the graduates to regard this not as the end but the beginning. She encouraged them to make Kibondeni proud by being hardworking and innovative in their work to be good ambassadors of Kibondeni College.
Rachel Gacheru, one of the graduates, gave the valedictorian speech, thanking the lecturers for their good service and for organizing industrial attachments for them. She thanked the Chaplain for encouraging them to live Godly lives and said that she and the other graduates will always keep Kibondeni in their hearts. “Kibondeni thrives without any media presentations because of the values it instils in the students,” she added.
Ms Linda Kasina, Principal of Kibondeni, told the girls to always be Kibondeni girls because the College is special. She then invited the guest of honour, Mr Aurelio Giraudo, General Manager of Villa Rosa Kempinsky, Nairobi, to say some words.
“Career is a marathon”, he said, “and it should be a long term goal. It is a repetition of things and one should learn to love what one does.” Mr Giraudo told the parents they should take care of their children and learn from them. He encouraged the graduates to behave like 35-year-olds when they get a job and learn how to manage themselves and the people around them. “You should never work for horrible bosses,” he said. “Be kind to people and also feel free to tell your bosses what you feel.” He told them to take the time to understand what they are doing and to enjoy their work. He encouraged the graduates to take up opportunities when they arise and never to compromise ethics for a job. He concluded saying that he looks forward to working with graduates from Kibondeni and encouraged them to apply for jobs at Villa Rosa Kempinsky.
After the speeches, the guests were called upon and awarded graduates their Diplomas and Certificates amidst loud cheering and clapping.
As Kibondeni College is also celebrating its 50th Anniversary at this time, a special award was presented to Maria Angeles Canel (Cuca), former Managing Director of Kianda Foundation, in appreciation of her long and outstanding service.
To conclude the event, Angela Wokabi, the Director of Human Resources at Movenpick Hotel & Residences, Nairobi, was asked to speak about her experience with Kibondeni students who have been interning at Movenpick. She commented that they are “disciplined, have high integrity and are highly reliable”.
Congratulations Kibondeni Graduates!