This is a health program that has been set up to cater to the medical needs of children and their parents from the tea picking population in order to reduce child mortality and malnutrition in Tigoni area.

“In Kenya, one out of every ten children dies from various sicknesses.”

There is a large population residing within the tea plantations, where living conditions are poor and the people lack basic amenities. This exposes them to many different ailments, which are aggravated by malnutrition.
The majority are unable to afford medical treatment of any kind. There is the added complication of HIV/AIDS, which affects a good portion of the population and results in a number of children ending up orphans.
The aim of this program is to assist 6,000 people (4,200 children between 2 and 14 years of age) and 1,800 adults (parents). Through this program, the beneficiaries will have access to medical services which include regular check-ups, doctor’s consultation, counseling services and treatment in terms of medication or procedural interventions, such as surgery.
Three thousand and fifty (3050) children are already receiving free healthcare services through the CHEP program.
The program has already been rolled out in some of the poorest schools in Tigoni area which include:

  • Umoja Primary School
  • Limuru Mission Primary School
  • King’othua Primary School
  • Riara Primary School

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