Endowments are permanent assets (money, securities, property) that are invested to earn income. The income earned from the investment is the only amount used while the principal is left intact, to keep generating more income. An Endowment may be created by the contribution of a single donor or the collective contributions of any number of donors. The benefits of such a fund are permanent. A gift that is made today will still be there in 100 years’ time and on, educating girls on your behalf forever.

Beneficiaries of the Kianda Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund:

Description of beneficiariesScholarship amount (Kshs.) per person  / yearTotal amount of scholarship required each year (Kshs.)Total amount of scholarship required each year (US $)
370 girls receiving technical education50,000.0018,500,000.00205,556.00
20 girls receiving formal education125,000.002,500,000.0027,778.00
Outreach activities for 200 women15,000.003,000,000.0033,333.00
Total amount required each year for scholarships24,000,000.00266,667.00
Total amount required each year for scholarships in KSH
Total amount required each year for scholarships in USD

The returns from the investment are expected at a minimum of 10% per annum. 8% will be spent on scholarships, 1.7% will be ploughed back to ensure growth of the fund and 0.3 % will be spent on administration. The total amount required to generate scholarships worth Kshs 24 million each year is KShs 300 million.

Fundraising plans

The first phase of fundraising of Sh.180 million which began in 2004 is now complete. We need to raise an additional 120 million for the endowment fund and to do this, Kianda Foundation needs the help of past students, friends and well-wishers who can appreciate the value of the education that has been given in the past, is now being given and will continue to be given in the future to promote Kenyan women and girls.

Kianda Foundation is seeking partners for the Endowment Fund. This partnership can be through cash contributions, property, shares or land. The donation can be made by an individual or by a group.


Corporate Partnership

Corporate partnership is linked to an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Some of the world’s most successful companies have realized that responsible business behaviour, such as CSR, strengthens a brand, secures customers and fresh investments, and generates additional profit. Kianda Foundation offers the opportunity to promote public relations (PR), by creating a fund within the Kianda Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Ways to Partner

  • A contribution of Kshs 500,000 will give the company its own named fund, within the Endowment Fund.
  • An annual contribution of scholarships for any of these projects.
  • Direct support to any of the rural projects.
  • Technical and human resource contributions
  • Skills development.
  • Contributions in kind (e.g. materials)

Individual Partnership

Parents and past students have already started forming named funds. To name a fund one must donate Kshs 500,000. They have undertaken this task with commitment and pride.

Building the fund may take several years, but it is a challenge that can be met by all. One can start building the fund from any initial amount.

Ways to Partner

  • A standing banker’s order.
  • A Harambee with friends.
  • Raising an amount within the family and giving the fund the family name.
  • Organizing an income-generating activity and building the fund with the proceeds, etc.

Kianda Foundation looks forward to partnering with as many people as possible, in order to carry forward its many dreams for the future!