The CHEP Program was set up to provide medical care for the children of the tea pickers and casual workers of the tea plantations around the Kimlea Clinic. The Kimlea Clinic team goes to four Primary Schools within this area.

The program started because of the experience we had in the Clinic. Many children are taken to the doctor when it is too late and require a serious treatment, which could have been avoided if taken on time. We also heard of the death of two children, and when investigating realised that they had never been taken to the doctor. With this we thought of this outreach program, that in an easy and effective way to follow up the health of thousands of children.

Through this program, the beneficiaries have access to medical services, which include regular check-ups, doctor’s consultation, counseling services and treatment.

With only 50 euros, a child is taken care medically for 10 years, so that he/she can be attended to until the end of Primary education. We believe that if a child is healthy for all this time will have a good health foundation.

The program started in 2009 and more than 4000 children have already benefitted from it.

The aim of the project is to drastically reduce child mortality and malnutrition in the Limuru area.