A rural project with young Spanish professionals took place at Gatina and Maramba Nursery schools from 27th August to 7th September. The project involved 11 young women and lasted for 2 weeks. The objective of the project was to teach and interact with the children and the community.
During morning hours, the volunteers spent their time in Maramba Nursery School where Silvia (one of the volunteers) taught the children. Each day a different activity was scheduled. The activities involved teaching, storytelling, arts and crafts and singing games. After classes were over for the day, the children, with the help of the volunteers stuck star stickers beside their names on a chart.
In the afternoon, the volunteers spent their time in Gatina where they interacted with the children and the families around the area. They brought and donated clothes to the needy families in Gatina. Who were very grateful.
It was a successful project. The volunteers, children and people in the Gatina and Maramba community learnt a lot from each other and were happy to interact with people from a different continent and culture.