The Spanish Rural project was carried out in Kibubuti Primary School, Gatina and Maramba
Nursery schools. It involved 18 volunteers from Spain and 3 Kenyans and was carried out from
19th June to 3rd July.
Kibubuti primary school is a mixed day education institution in Limuru with a population of
approximately 900 pupils, from early childhood to class eight.
Gatina and Maramba are two Nursery schools that were established to take care of children
whose parents work at the tea plantations in Limuru. The nursery schools accommodate Early
Childhood children.
The objective of the project was to interact with the children from the schools and to teach
health education. During morning hours, the Spaniards spent the time in Kibubuti primary
school. They cleaned the classrooms, walls and the corridors of the school. They gave tubes of
toothpaste to every pupil and taught about the importance of brushing their teeth daily and
washing their hands after visiting the toilet and before eating food. During break and
lunchtime, they interacted and played with the pupils.
In the afternoon, they spent the time in Gatina and Maramba where they painted some
drawing and played with the children. They also visited the families of the children where they
donated food and clothes. The Spaniards and the community in Kibubut primary school, Gatina and Maramba were happy to have spent time together during the two weeks of the rural project.

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