Finally! The day we had prayed for arrived after a long wait. This day was the 9th of February 2018 where a charity golf tournament organized by Kianda Foundation was to take place at Vetlabs sports club. The cause of the tournament was to help raise funds to educate needy girls from poverty-stricken areas.
As the guests arrived that morning, they took their golf clubs and headed towards the golf course to play. They teamed up in groups of four and were ready to kick start the tournament. From the view of the clubhouse, you could see the golfers swinging their golf clubs and hitting their balls towards the green where they were to score into the cup in order to get a point.
They had fun swinging their clubs till 6:30 pm where they finished playing and walked into the clubhouse for dinner. They ate the appetizing food which was prepared for them to their fill. During the dinner, winners from the different activities that were taking place on that day were announced and given their awards. The activities were the golf tournament which was the main cause of the event, a raffle, and a silent auction.
The guest speaker of the day was Mugure who was one of the many beneficiaries from the Kianda Foundation Scholarship program. She gave a speech and told a story of how the foundation helped her pursue her studies and through that, she has become a woman of caliber in the society. She thanked the foundation for the scholarship opportunity and assured the guests that their donations will help change the lives of needy girls in Kenya. All the guests were happy to participate in the event and to be part of the Kianda foundation family.
All in all, the charity event was a success and we are grateful to all the guest who showed up and supported us.