Our pride is to offer the best options for Girls and Women

in Kenya!

Since 1961 the Foundation has initiated a number of projects. Below is a list of projects that have successfully been carried out by our foundation.

What More?

As the institutions started by Kianda Foundation continued to grow, it became expedient to decentralize the administration of some projects, to ensure that they are efficiently and effectively run, and continue to meet the purpose for which they were established. Nurisha Trust, an off-shoot of Kianda Foundation, has taken over the administration and management of Technical Training Projects.

Projects managed by Nurisha Trust include:

  • Kibondeni College

  • Jahazi Conference Centre

  • Tewa Training Centre – Kilifi

“A dignified life for every woman in Kenya through quality education”
Kianda Foundation
” NAOMI lived with her mother and stepfather, but things were not good and when she got a scholarship to study in Kimlea, she went to live with her grandmother who lived closer to the school and was alone. Towards the end of the course her grandmother became ill and she had to take care of her at the same time that she studied. The problem was that they had nothing to buy food or medicines, because the grandmother could not work under these circumstances. Naomi began to make cakes, which she had learnt in Kimlea, and sold them to people in the surrounding area, and with that she could buy the basics. Despite having so many difficulties she was always smiling at school, only a teacher knew what was happening. At the end of the course she got an award for being the most friendly of the class, always ready to help everyone. She got a well-paid job and is very happy helping her grandmother and hopes to save and start her own business..”
Naomi, Kimlea School
“Promoting the girl, the woman and the family.”
Kianda Foundation