Project Description

Tewa is an educational project located at the Coast, in Kuruwitu, Kilifi District. It was officially inaugurated on 2nd February 2010..

There has been little development in the area around Tewa; people live at subsistence level, there has been no culture of land cultivation so nutrition is poor, leading to a high level of child mortality. Girls are traditionally married off at an early age, without schooling of any kind. The result is that the level of women’s literacy is the lowest in the country, at only 30%.

The main objective of Tewa is to provide quality education for girls and women in order to enable them acquire professional skills in hospitality, for employment and self-employment. The Centre also runs outreach programs, geared towards raising the living standard of the women, through training in technical skills, such as agriculture, that will help them be self-reliant and provide for their families.

Some of the land in Tewa has been set aside for the agricultural training of the women in the outreach programs, as well as for income-generating activities. Horticultural crops, recently planted, are being sold to the market in order to raise funds for sustainability. This project has been made possible through funding from Spain, the European Union and Safaricom Foundation.