Kianda Foundation was started as a non-profit making Educational Trust aimed at promoting the educational, professional, cultural and spiritual welfare of women in Kenya. A Trust Deed established the Foundation on 9 January 1961. It is registered under the Land (Perpetual Succession) Act. It achieves this aim through the establishment and management of schools, colleges, and training centres for both women and girls, thus promoting their general education. Kianda Foundation projects have grown continuously over the years in answer to the real needs of women’s development in different fields at a particular time. The projects of the Foundation respond to the conviction of the Trustees that women provide the key to a social development based on Christian values.

The Foundation was set up by a group of professional women in Kenya who decided to place their education, management expertise, time and knowledge at the service of women in this country.


A dignified life for every woman in Kenya through quality education.

To provide quality and personalized education to women and girls, developing all aspects of each individual to the full in accordance with christian principles.


  • Formal education (from kindergarten, primary to secondary school level)

  • Technical education

  • Adult literacy

  • Cookery, Nutrition and Hygiene courses

  • Income generating activities and business skills development courses for rural women

  • Health care provision

  • HIV / AIDS awareness courses