Kianda School

Kianda Foundation opened Kianda School as a result of numerous requests from past students of Kianda College. The Foundation aims at promoting the educational, professional, cultural and spiritual welfare of women in Kenya. It achieves [...]

Kianda Secretarial College


Kianda College was the Foundation’s pilot project established in 1961 as an institution for Secretarial and Business Studies, and became the first multi-racial college of its kind in Pre-Independence Kenya. Thus the history of Kianda [...]

Kimlea Girls Training Centre


Located in Kiambu District, between Kiambaa and Tigoni, Kimlea is surrounded by tea estates with villages of tea pickers, as well as families living off small holdings at subsistence level. In an effort to promote the [...]

Kimlea Clinic

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Kimlea Clinic, located on the grounds of Kimlea Technical Training Centre, provides medical care to the laborers in the tea plantations and environs. It started as a medical assistance program, at a time when many serious household [...]

Faida Girls Club

Faida is a youth centre established in 1977 for primary and secondary school girls. It provides facilities for study, interlaced with cultural, social and spiritual formation. Teenage and adulthood come with many challenges, and Faida, through its activities, aims [...]

Fanusi Study Centre

Fanusi was established in 1987 for university women opposite the University of Nairobi Main Campus on a one-acre plot donated by the Kenya Government. Fanusi is the Swahili name for the lantern hanging at the back of a dhow [...]

Wanjohi Farm for the IDPs

Wanjohi Farm (Ol Kalao) for the IDPs At the end of 2007, Kenyans went through the electoral process to vote in their leaders but afterwards, mayhem was experienced all over the country due to disputes [...]

Gatina and Maramba


Gatina and Maramba Nursery schools, in close proximity to Kimlea Technical Training Centre, provide educational facilities up to pre-primary level. They also serve as day care centres where mothers can leave their children when they [...]

Child Health Education Program(CHEP)


The CHEP Program was set up to provide medical care for children of the tea pickers and casual workers of the tea plantations around Kimlea Clinic. The Clinic team takes care of four Primary Schools [...]


As the institutions started by Kianda Foundation continued to grow, it became expedient to decentralize the administration of some projects to ensure that they are efficiently and effectively run and continue to meet the purpose for which they were established. Nurish Trust an off-shoot of Kianda Foundation has taken over the administration and management of the Technical Training Projects.

Projects Managed by Nurisha Trust include: