Mercy Majuma (KNEC Craft Distinction student) and her father, Mr. Joseph Wabwile. Mr Carsten Wappler, the General Manager of Park Inn by Radisson.

Mr Carsten Wappler, the General Manager of Park Inn by Radisson presenting a certificate to Mercy Majuma (KNEC Craft Distinction student) who is accompanied by her father, Mr. Joseph Wabwile.

When Kianda foundation was started back in 1961, their mission was to ensure that the kenyan girl child was educated. They were struck by the Kenyan reality when they found out that Kenyan women had little or no formal education. The educated women could not afford to go beyond primary education since they got married off early. Three women who were sent to Kenya back in 1961 decided to respond to this situation by establishing projects which could help women get an education and get a formal job which could end up lifting their family’s situation and break the cycle of poverty.  Over the years, the foundations has established projects which have helped promote girl child education. The projects are:

Kianda school: It is a primary and secondary institution where staff and parents work in tandem to bring out the best in every girl. The goal is to cultivate all-round personal development at the intellectual, spiritual and cultural level.

Kimlea Girls Technical Training Centre: provides full-time courses for less-priviledged girls from the tea-picking areas of rural Limuru villages. The centre reaches out to their mothers, helping them acquire skills that will help change their lives. Kimlea offers opportunities for an until-now, undreamt of education that helps to raise their living standards.

Kibondeni College: offers a marketable training to High School graduates interested in pursuing a Hospitality career. Due to the practical nature of the Courses and the financial situation of many of their families, the courses have to be heavily subsidized.

Faida Centre: this is where school girls meet for hours of intensive study under the supervision of staff and senior students and interact with one another in character building activities that prepare them for the challenges of the future. An important part is played by social work, visits to the poor and the sick, which is an eye opener to the suffering of others and enkindles the desire to help and contribute to a more just society.

Fanusi Study Centre: a think-tank for university female students who endeavor to take their studies seriously. As well as interacting with one another, students of the different professions are encouraged to share their knowledge with rural women through various on-going social projects.