Project Description

Wanjohi Farm (Ol Kalao) for the IDPs

At the end of 2007, Kenyans went through the electoral process to vote in their leaders but afterwards, mayhem was experienced all over the country due to disputes over the election results. Many parts of the country experienced violence due to the political turmoil where neighbour turned against neighbour based on ethnic differences. As a result many Kenyans were displaced from their homes especially in the Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western provinces of Kenya. The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) travelled hundreds of kilometres with nothing for hundreds of kilometers, many vowing never to return to their homes.

A huge IDP camp was established in Limuru with about 300 families mainly from Rift Valley,  living in tents provided by well-wishers and Non-Governmental organisations. The plight of the IDPs escalated. With time  well-wishers stopped their donations and many IDPs were asked by the government to return to their homes. Kianda Foundation bought land with the help of donors  in Wanjohi, Nyahururu to help resettle some of these people.

On – Going Activities with the Wanjohi IDPs

Kianda Foundation is currently working with the Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in Wanjohi, Nyandarua on a housing settlement scheme. Over 200 families live in this area after being granted 20 acres of land bought by the Foundation. Each family occupies land spanning 60 by 40 feet. Initially the families lived in tents and they upgraded their houses through donor funding from the foundation to mud houses with corrugated iron sheet roofs. The foundation has now received more funding to build a few houses consisting of three rooms in its first phase of further upgrading the homes of the IDPs. So far with the funding received 120 permanent houses have been built and have been occupied.

Other programs being run at the farm are:

  • Scholarship funds for the children to go to school.
  • Future Program to be run at the Farm:
  • Training IDPs on business skills in order to initiate income generating business ventures to earn living.